Associate Members

Are you a recent college graduate? An intern? Do you work under the direct supervision of an architect? Are you a professor teaching a program in architecture? Then this membership category is right for you. Here are some of the benefits of becoming an Associate Member of the AIA.


·         Networking- local, regional and national

·         Representation- on issues of importance, such as the future of the profession, IDP, ARE, and others

·         Board representation- on matters of importance within the profession- education, diversity, and knowledge generation

·         Service- Community/Professional Service opportunities at the local level

·         Leadership- development opportunities at the local, regional, and national

·         Mentoring- Guidebook and online matching system


·         Knowledge- resources for both mainstream and alternative career professionals with best practices models and knowledge communities

·         Support- for alternative career professionals, a forum for networking outside of traditional practice

·         Job Bank- career opportunities

·         Technical support- for Contract Documents and the Masterspec system

·         Support- in starting your own firm (how to market, developing business plans, etc.)

·         AIA Bookstore- discount on books and items of interest


·         Forum- for expressing issues about architecture

·         Convention- the AIA's preeminent national convention and exposition

·         Access- to information about award winning design projects from around the country

·         Architectural Record- published through the AIA's alliance partnership with McGraw Hill Construction

·         AIArchitect- the weekly on-line newsletter for members

·         Newsletters- Local and regional publications delivered electronically

·         PIA newsletters (Professional Interest Areas)

·         Advertising campaign- elevating the public's awareness of architects' contributions to the built environment

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