President's Message


What an exciting time for our profession and industry! It’s not hard to find a member who will tell you how busy they are and the exciting projects they are working on. It’s in times like these we have the opportunity to become a proactive organization and begin to build resiliency in our core mission. This year began with the theme of alignment. While this idea focused on our recently released strategic plan, it also spoke to the “alignment” of our organization with member’s expectations.

This mid-year update aims to showcase all the hard work AIA North Carolina’s staff, the Board of Directors, and volunteers put in bringing value to our members across the state. From amazing ACTIVATE events to the monumental legislative efforts surrounding HB590, this year is already packed full of opportunities that have positively impacted our members and organization. 

Building on these successes, our Board of Directors is going even further and investing in the future of our organization. I am excited to share we have partnered with our South Atlantic neighbors to create a new regional design conference. ASPIRE will be coming to Asheville, North Carolina in April 2019 offering with it an entirely new experience to our members and the public. Efforts are underway to create original content and re-envision how to engage members on design topics that matter. 

Finally, it has been a privilege to serve this organization and engage its members and staff on a daily basis. Learning the unique issues of each component and the different challenges each face has impressed on me how fortunate our organization is. These unique perspectives create an exceptional board, and one that I have proudly served with this year. 

I look forward to seeing everyone in Durham for the AIANC Design Conference and again in Asheville for the 2019 ASPIRE conference. Stay busy AIA North Carolina!

Thad Rhoden, AIA

2018 AIA North Carolina President