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AIA North Carolina Political 
Action Committee

We Need Your Help! This is a critical election year for North Carolina.  Our goal is $40,000 by October 1st. Please join the AIANC PAC today by clicking on the "Donate Here" button and making your personal contribution as soon as possible.

What is AIA PAC?

AIANC PAC is AIA North Carolina's political action committee. It is funded solely by individual contributions by our members. AIA PAC makes political contributions to the campaign committees of State Legislators, Council of State Officers (i.e. Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, State Treasurer, …), and candidates for those offices. The PAC is one of the key components of the AIANC's advocacy efforts, along with AIA member relationships with legislators, AIA member participation in grassroots advocacy efforts, and active/fulltime lobbying by the AIANC.


1. THE BUSINESS OF ARCHITECTURE IS CONTROLLED AND SHAPED BY THE GOVERNMENT. It is vitally important that public officials understand and appreciate the impact of their policy decisions on our profession.

2. ELECTIONS COST MONEY. By contributing to AIANC PAC, you are helping elect public officials who care about architects and architecture. AIANC PAC helps elect officials who share the goals and interests of the architectural profession. Like it or not, it is the only method of campaign financing we have in this country.

3. AIANC PAC IS AN INVESTMENT IN YOUR BOTTOM LINE. The continuing threat of passing a sales tax on services is a perfect example of how politics can come into your everyday life. The passage of HB 857 last year, a bill that protects architects in the selection of design/build teams for public projects; SB 42 from 2012 that protected architects’ lien priority in the development process while the mechanics lien statute was rewritten for the Title Insurance industry, and SB 914 in 2001 allowing for the use of single prime contracting on all public projects, are good examples of how AIA’s government affairs and the PAC can make a difference in your business affairs. And the list goes on. Every year, politicians make decisions about our industry.

Remember, your AIANC PAC contribution helps elect candidates who understand these issues and how they affect your business. Advocacy gives us a seat at the table. AIANC PAC gives us a voice. Your contribution keeps our voice strong.

The election in November is going to be one of the most interesting and closely contested in many years. We hope you will contribute!