On this site you will find documents and resources to help you in your duties as a local AIA component leader. Some of the very basic activities like establishing a budget, making sure by-laws are up to date and verifying that you are providing services consistent with AIA policies and procedures are contained in the links on the left hand side of this page.

As always, AIA North Carolina staff is here to help you with your service to the section - so please don't hesitate to call on us if you can't find what you are looking for on this site.

Section Leader's Toolkit

AIA Component Survey - The Component Excellence Survey examines services and programs AIA members should expect from their organization, as well as the financial, legal, and management practices that should be followed. These guidelines replace the Performance Standards and were created to help components mark their successes, evaluate possible shortcomings, and encourage component best practices.

Templates - You could reinvent the wheel...but why? Build on the efforts of previous section leaders and take advantage of the experience gained over the years of service to AIA NC members by clicking on the templates below.

Budget Template

Director's Report

Section Report

Leadership  Succession - Ensure that the hard work you've completed during your tenure carries forward with the completion of your Leadership Succession plan.

Model Bylaws - If you are considering any type of changes to your existing bylaws, you should visit this site to review the AIA Standards

Contacts - Who do you call for what? Find out here.

AIANC Staff Directory

AIA (National) Team Directory

AIANC Board List